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Not a good time to be a politicians named Brown

As Bob [1] and Gordon [2] have discovered, Browns just aren’t the flavour of the month.

Greens Leader Bob Brown admits he’s facing bankruptcy after being forced to pay $240,000 in court costs after a failed bid to stop Tasmanian logging.

Senator Brown has until the end of the month to pay the money to Foerstry Tasmania, after losing a Federal Court case to stop logging in the Wielangta Forest in the south east of the island.

He says he may become bankrupt if he doesn’t raise the money and could lose his Senate seat as a result.

“As a Senator, and somebody who’s been able to accrue assets down the line, I’ll be talking with people who may be able to lend that money and if not, I’ll be taking some more adventurous action,” he said.

Oh goody, adventurous action…perhaps it will be celebrity (if you can call Bob a celebrity) skydiving for the “Save Bob Brown from bankruptcy foundation”.

Meanwhile for Gordon:

EMBATTLED British Prime Minister Gordon Brown was locked in a showdown with angry MPs from his party on Monday, reports said as he clung to power after a second humiliating poll defeat within days.

Mr Brown’s Labour was beaten into third place in the European elections, behind fringe anti-Europeans the UK Independence Party (UKIP), leaving him fighting for his job after 11 ministers resigned in recent days.

But at least one critic confronted Mr Brown at a regular meeting with MPs at the House of Commons on Monday evening, amid growing calls for him to step down and give the party a chance of winning the next general election.

To Gordon Brown’s credit though, he did give a speech [3] which nobody will remember, but somehow seems to have saved his neck for the moment.

“I have my strengths and I have my weaknesses. I know there are some things I do well, some things not so well.”

And in related news, sometimes traffic lights are red, sometimes they are green, and every now and then they are amber.