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June 30

I’m not looking forward to tonight. At about 8pm, it will be precisely one year since I rolled my car on Parkes Way [1].

I still have a text message on my phone from that night. One of the first things I did after getting out of the car was (presumably in a slightly incoherent state of shock) call a friend to ask if they knew the number for a tow truck, which they promptly sent via text message. I have also just been re-reading some of the emails from around that date, including one in which I spelt out some events from that night, and the next day, which I had more-or-less forgotten about…it seems that such memories never disappear, they just get buried…reading those emails just brought back some visual memories which I wish were gone, and made me feel sick.

I think I might just go to bed early tonight. If I can be asleep by 8pm so that I completely miss the one year anniversary of the events of that night, I think I’ll be happy.