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Good first show (email to Nine’s “This Afternoon”)

G'day Guys, and a special hello to Andrew,

It's great to see you back on the tele Andrew.

This has been a good first show, although perhaps a bit over the top with the orange.

Good luck for the future.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Update: Actually, Andrew seemed a bit clunky to start with today but got better as the show went on. I was amused by the sign off though…Andrew being drowned out by music, Katrina saying “good night” followed by Andrew saying “good afternoon” and then before the microphones were muted, Mark Ferguson having a go at them for it.

If the show can pick up a bit in the coming weeks, I’d like to see it extended to 6pm, and Millionaire Hot Seat bumped to an evening timeslot. 7pm (the old Sale Of The Century/Temptation timeslot) would be good, but only if WIN will replace one of those infernal 7:30pm screenings of “Two And A Half Men” with Hot Seat. Seriously, Two And A Half Men has become the Nine version of The Simpsons on Ten…”We have nothing to show…quick, find a tape of Two and a half men!”. It’s an entertaining show, but it’s on far too often.

End Update