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Fairfax Radio Network

Quick question…how long until Fairfax Syndication implodes completely. The satellite issues are still going on, we’ve been having no end of trouble in Deni (missing pulses, audio glitches, mistimed pulses, news cut off, random wrong programs, Neil Mitchell coming through on both channels instead of just one causing automated recording of pre-feed and rural news to fail…which in turn requires us to download the stuff from Digital Courier and insert it manually, oh and a heap of dead air).

I can almost understand Neil Mitchell coming through on both channels…it could be an acceptable error, but to send Tim Webster (a show which we don’t even take) on the auxiliary channel in place of the 3pm pre-feed news??? It could just be me, but Tim Webster giving away a prize to some woman who has to be fed answers to competition questions is not exactly what I consider to be news.
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And with all the errors that Fairfax are making at the moment, it must make the listeners of the network stations think that the people working at the stations are incompetent twats…I mean what else would a listener, who has no idea about how it all works, think when a fifteen minute old Neil Mitchell rant goes to air instead of the news on an FM station, followed by an ad and the weather? They’d think we’re complete numbskulls.
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Around this time last night they managed to send Stuart Bocking in place of 3AW’s Nightline. As much as I like stations to take Stuart, he shouldn’t be force-fed to stations who are taking other programs with completely different break schedules. As I write this they’re managing to send Nightline on both channels rather than just the main channel.

It amazes me that people pay Fairfax Syndication sometimes…surely it can’t be that hard to get things right.

Update late Friday night: Issues seem to be fixed now (at last). Whilst AW programming was still coming through on both channels today, it was only coming through on the primary channel tonight. I dropped in to the 2QN studios to listen to the AFL off the satellite after a Deni Business Chamber event…and drat, Murphy kicked a behind instead of a goal after the siren, so the doggies didn’t win. It was a good game though. End Update