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Exclusive: Man crushed by buses at Belconnen bus depot

Originally published May 1, 3:32pm. I’m republishing this because it deserves a wider audience than what it probably received when originally published late on Friday.

An ACTION bus driver is in a critical condition in hospital following an accident at the Belconnen bus depot a bit over a week ago.

Samuel’s Blog has learned that on Tuesday April 21, a bus driver was walking between buses when a bus being driven by an ACTION refueller reversed rapidly, crushing the man between two buses. It is believed that the man suffered extensive internal injuries, including multiple broken bones, as well as having his head forced through the windscreen of the stationary bus.

The man was conveyed to hospital, where he remains in a coma more than a week after the accident.

The two buses involved in the accident, which did not have bumper bars, received significant panel damage.

Samuel’s Blog understand that the incident has revived concerns inside ACTION about the lack of reversing beepers on the buses, and has resulted in drivers being asked not to reverse park buses where other options are available.

It is not known why the incident has been kept quiet by ACTION officials.