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Car for the weekend

I’m going to take tomorrow off from the blog and see about getting stuff ready for Sunday instead. Probably won’t be much, just Aircheck Sunday, Musician(s) Of The Week and maybe one or two other things…I’m pretty tired and looking forward to just taking tomorrow off from everything as on Sunday afternoon I’ve got news and sport for AIR News and then it’s on to the local news for 2QN and Classic Rock bright and early on Monday morning. I’m also on 2QN and 3NE on Sunday morning from 6am until Midday, but that’s all voicetracked.

Anyhoo, seeing as tomorrow is my only real day off, I intend on taking the opportunity to get out of town for a while. Bryan from Classic Rock has lent his car to me for the weekend (he has somebody else’s car…I’m not sure why) so I’ll make use of it tomorrow.

I hope you all have a good weekend. I’ll have 2QN/Classic Rock headlines for you next week.