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Telstra remoted while the Northern Territory plays Scrabble

Some days I’m astounded by the stuff which AAP distribute without any proofreading:

NT: Some communication services restored to NT

Telstra is still trying to get to the bottom of a 10-hour communication blackout that cut the Northern Territory off from the rest of Australia.

Territorians awoke this morning to find internet .. mobile phone and STD land connections were down .. along with most ATM services.

Telstra says a system failure near Kununurra in Western Australia overnight saw network traffic redirected through Marla in South Australia .. but it also failed.

Technicians were flown in to both remoted site .. and NT services were restored about 11am (CST).

Telstra spokesman MARK SWEET says the telco will find out what caused the unprecedented occurrence that left Territorians scrabbling for coffee money .. unable to access ATMs.

I didn’t know that people played Scrabble to get coffee money, or that remote sites could be “remoted”…maybe I’m just leading a sheltered life.

On the bright side, at least today’s stuff is readable. One of the main stories yesterday contained a sentence which I had to read four times just to work out what they were trying to say so that I could rewrite it and make it make sense.