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Sounds familiar

It must be time for the annual “Sandy Aloisi disagrees with Mike Carlton” story [1].

SHE used to be his boss at 2UE and is now his breakfast co-host and yesterday Sandy Aloisi certainly tried to counsel Mike Carlton when he went on a predictable tirade.

Looks like the Daily Telegraph have a template for this story. That opening sentence seems far too familiar.

The self-described atheist praised the decision to de-Christianise Royal North Shore Hospital’s chapel and criticised aggrieved Mosman Mayor Dominic Lopez.

Carlton then talked over an exasperated Aloisi – to the point she told him not to silence her with a kill button.

A 2UE source ensured us there was no such button.

They’re right, there isn’t a “kill” button, but if Mike Carlton is the panel operator, there is a button for him to turn Sandy’s microphone off.

Anyway, that article gets my award for “useless non-story of the week”.