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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Prime Ministerial Outbursts

It’s time for a new poll (it’s been that time for a long time according to Mr. Wolf), and thus, here’s a topical poll:

Is it acceptable for the Prime Minister to verbally abuse an air hostess?

Total Votes: 12
Started: April 3, 2009

As usual, if you would like to elaborate on your vote, feel free to do so in the comments section below.

The results from the previous poll:

Is Westpac Bank’s purchase of St. George Bank…?

Total Votes: 42
Started: December 2, 2008

From personal experience, I think the “not going to make a difference” vote is spot on, but I must say that I found the pessimistic mood interesting, with only 19% of voters saying the buyout would be good for customers.

Results from previous polls can be viewed at http://samuelgordonstewart.com/weekly-poll-results [2].