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Maintenance Mode

Samuel’s Blog is now going in to maintenance mode while it moves servers and I clean up a few bits and pieces.

The photo gallery will be offline for a bit longer while I sort out a few issues with it.

Update 6pm: We’re now running off the new server. A minor glitch in the process means that a number of files are still copying across, however all “core” files are in place and the site should be operating normally. End Update

Update 10:30pm: All files which reside directly in the wp-content directory [1] have been uploaded. This is the vast majority of general images and audio files. Files belonging to specific galleries or categories which were allocated their own directory are still being uploaded in alphabetical order.

At this time all Editorial Echoes and Samuel’s Persiflage files are offline.

Approximately 1000 files totalling about 1.5GB have been uploaded to the wp-content directory. A further 2300 or so files remain. End Update

Update 5:30amAll Samuel’s Persiflage and Editorial Echoes files are now online (they have been for an hour give or take a few minutes but I’ve been too busy with my AIR News [2] commitments to notice) and most other files are online as well. Approximately 2,400 files have been uploaded, with another 900 or so to go.

The photo gallery will be offline until further notice. End Update

Update 7:15am: Files and downloads should now all be available, however due to file permission issues some files or pages might not be working properly. I’ll work on it when I’ve had some sleep. In the meantime, please email me [3] if you run in to any problems with the site. End Update