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The proof of the ETS is in the electricity bill

It was always inevitable that the Kyoto protocol and an emissions trading scheme was going to increase the cost of living…now we see it begin [1]:

Emissions trading scheme blamed for power bill hike
Heidi Tiltins

There are claims the Federal Government is actually to blame for a potentially massive hike in the cost of power because of its emissions trading scheme.

Many families across NSW are struggling to make ends meet, and it doesn’t look like ending any time soon.

In fact, if IPART has its way, we’ll be forking out around $180 a year extra on electricity.

The Pricing regulator has released its draft recommendations, which include a 21.5 per cent hike in the cost of power.

But Premier Nathan Rees isn’t happy

“We are disappointed and concerned and we’ll be making a submission of our own.”

Mr Rees asked IPART to reconsider, given the current economic climate.

But Doctor Jennifer Morahasy from the Australian Environment Foundation has told [2GB’s] Jason Morrison we’ll soon fork out much more as electricity retailers pass on the cost of emissions trading.

“When Australia signed Kyoto we all felt good about that, but there are consequences to that.”

And all this when the world is cooling, not warming. *sigh*