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Photo captions with mobile numbers?

Whilst looking through News Limited’s fairly uninteresting gallery [1] of photos from this afternoon’s peak hour blackout in the Sydney CBD [2] I noticed this:
News Limited's picture of Mark Williams and Colin Strange, and accompanying caption [3]
(click to enlarge)

Notice anything out of the ordinary here? A closer look might help:
Is that Colin's mobile number in the caption

That looks like Colin’s mobile number is in the caption. I’m not about to call Colin to check if he gave News Limited permission to publish his mobile number, as it is after midnight, however I might just have to do so during daylight hours. I’ve blurred the last few digits of Colin’s mobile number, but News Limited didn’t.

And if News Limited do have Colin’s permission to publish his mobile number, I do have to wonder what newsworthy purpose it serves, as I can’t see how Colin has anything to do with this blackout other than being one of the many people who was caught in it.