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It must be some sort of insulation

Apparently the price of petrol is falling [1]:

Petrol prices have fallen for the first time in seven weeks as oil cartel OPEC begins to consider yet another cut in crude output.

The national average price of unleaded fell 2.3 cents last week and sits at $1.20 a litre.

CommSec economist Savanth Sebastian believes the price will fall further in the coming fortnight.

“Motorists can look forward to pump prices falling by another five cents a litre in a fortnight’s time,” Mr Sebastian wrote in a market update.

It’s still nearly $1.30 per litre here in Deniliquin. Perhaps we’re insulated from falling prices this far inland?

To be honest, it wouldn’t surprise me if a petrol company media spokesperson were to use a line like that if asked about it, and I might just have to ask if the price stays up for the rest of the week.