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Corruption doesn’t matter

About two weeks ago I mentioned the rather interesting coincidence of a whole stack of developers paying Adolfo Carrión Jr. around the time that he approved their development applications.

I noted, with some humour, at the time that it seemed like corruption, by writing the headline “Looks like corruption, smells like corruption and quacks like corruption”.

It looks like corruption doesn’t bother the devout followers of Barack Obama. Brad noted on his blog [1] a couple days later (sorry that I missed it until now…I wasn’t checking links to this blog last week) that I need to take “another little pink, knicker-deknotting pill”.

A stroke of genius from Brad! I’ll try that line on the judge after I attempt to bribe a police officer who pulls me over for speeding. I’m sure his or her judginess will be most obliging.


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#1 Comment By BradZ On March 16, 2009 @ 7:38 pm

I just think you let things get to you waaay too much Samuel. I was more having a go at your use, or in my opinion, misuse of the “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck” phrase as I didn’t think corruption fit in this context.

The pink knicker deknotting pill line comes more from me thinking you *seriously* need to chill about things a little, people will do bad things, people will disagree with you but getting so heated does nothing to support one’s argument, in my opinion.

I have also resisted posting on your blog as I don’t believe in having to sign up to post a comment, but also think this silly conversation in blog posts is also somewhat useless, therefore I did log in 🙂

Seriously though dude, chill out, we disagree in a lot of things but I just get the feeling you take a lot to heart that you don’t agree with, and you ain’t ever gonna change bad things happening, or change the opinions of those you disagree with, so try chilling a bit, does wonders for the general stress levels and ability to deal with day to day stuff.