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It sounds like you have my cold!

Good afternoon Stuart,
It sounds like you caught my cold. I promise that the Christmas card was sent before I caught the cold.
I also didn't taste Christmas lunch on Christmas day…but for a different reason. I was feeling rather lousy with my cold so I went to bed at 1pm and didn't wake up until about 5am on Boxing Day! Just like you though, I've been battling through, working despite the cold.
On the topic of random breath testing, I had my breath tested yesterday morning in Holbrook. I was asked the same question as you, gave the same answer as you, and my breath test confirmed my answer, and I was sent on my way…however to answer your question, you're asked if you've been drinking because your breath test will produce a higher result than your true blood alcohol level for a period of time after your last drink.
Have a great afternoon.
Samuel Gordon-Stewart
Currently in Deniliquin