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A month for a coffee card

As a regular customer of Michel’s Patisserie in Cooleman Court I have a coffee card on which every eighth coffee is free. The total number of coffees on each card is 24, so the last time I started a coffee card I had it dated so that I could keep track of how long it takes to finish off a card.

I started the card on the 9th of November and finished it today, the 8th of December, which is 29 days, so slightly less than a month. It’s an average of 0.82758620689655172413793103448276 coffees per day.

On my list of strange things to do one day, is to sit down in Michel’s Patisserie at opening time, and drink coffee after coffee after coffee all day and see how many I can drink. Bad idea? Probably, but it would be interesting to see if I manage to do better than I did the last time [1] I tried to drink an inordinate amount of coffee.