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The Firstborn Personality

On Sunday night on Open House with Sheridan Voysey, Sheridan interviewed psychologist Dr. Kevin Leman, the author of The Birth Order Book and The Firstborn Advantage and they chatted about a rather interesting trait known as the “firstborn personality” which is generally, but not always, associated with the eldest child in a family. The traits generally include:
Well organised
Highly analytical
List writer
Taking on tasks that “nobody else can do properly”
Not a fan of surprises

The longer the interview went on, the more it sounded like he was deliberately trying to describe me. Of course, it’s not just the eldest child that can have a particular personality trait, other children in the birth order have their own specific personality.

The interview was quite compelling and I’m pleased to say that it has been placed online at The Open House Blogsite [1]. It runs for 25 minutes, and in my opinion is well worth it. You can listen to Kevin Leman talk about first borns on Sheridan Voysey’s Open House program: www.theopenhouse.net.au [2], click on “Listen Again”, find the downloads for the 16th of November (they’re currently at the top of the list, but they won’t be for long) and follow the prompts.

And if you like what you hear, then you’ll probably enjoy the rest of Sheridan’s Open House show. Sunday nights from 8pm eastern time on 1WAY FM Canberra [3], FM103.2 Sydney [4] and other stations [5] across the nation.


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