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Samuel’s Coffee Challenge: 1am update

The hourly coffee tallies so far:

1pm: 1 coffee
2pm: 4 coffees
3pm: 2 coffees
4pm: 1 coffee
5pm: 1 coffee
6pm: 1 coffee
7pm: 1 coffee
8pm: 2 coffees
9pm: 1 coffee
10pm: 1 coffee
11pm: 2 coffees
12am: 1 coffee

Total: 18 coffees
Projected total: 36 coffees

This is going to be interesting. I’m at work until 8am and I’ve been wanting to collapse in to bed since about 9:30. It’s funny how the caffeine isn’t making me want to stay awake, it may be keeping me awake but it doesn’t feel like it. The caffeine is making me a bit jumpy and jittery, and possibly a bit uncoordinated though.