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Canberra Times Photos

A big thanks to Alison [1] who yesterday pointed out to me that The Canberra Times credited me for a photo of the Brindabellas a few weeks ago. Being the regular Canberra Times reader that I’m not, I was not aware of this. I have no problem with them doing this (and why would I [2]?), in fact I’m rather happy about it, although their choice of article in which to use the photo (apparently it was something about global warming) leaves a bit to be desired.

Anyway, I was just wondering if anybody out there happens to have a copy of the paper in question and would be either willing to part with it (for a fee if necessary) or send me a copy of the page?

If not, I might just have to make a trip to the National Library of Australia and look through their newspaper archives…something which I’ve done a few times now, once with particular success in 2005 when I was looking for a very particular page of the “service directory” from The Northside Chronicle in either 1996 or 1997. I should write about that at some stage…