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Another Broken Labor Promise?

A few day ago, ACT Labor pledged [1] pledged to “release no new policies on grandfinal day and would not run political advertisements on stations broadcasting the game, for the duration of the game”. Perhaps it’s just me that sees it this way, but it’s my opinion that the lower grade grand final matches count as “the game” as many people spend the majority of their day watching and enjoying each of the three games.

As such, I’m very disappointed that Labor candidate for Molongolo Mike Hettinger was advertising his vision for a “greener Canberra” during the half time break of the NSW Cup grand final. I’m already disappointed that Mike has decided to try to become part of a Labor government that he has previously accused [2] of using policies which are against “core Labor values”. Sorry to burst your bubble Mike, but (deliberately) bringing them down from the inside doesn’t work when you’re a backbencher.

Update 4:28pm: There’s another one! I wonder if Mike received the communiqué as he seems to be the only Labor candidate running ads today. End Update

Update 4:42pm: Somebody just said to me “but the Liberals are advertising too”. True, but the Liberals didn’t promise to not advertise, whereas Labor did. End Update