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An email to 2GB’s Continuous Call Team

G’day Ray, Andrew, Blocker, Daryl, et al,

Thanks for another great entertaining year of rugby league…I know it’s a bit late to organise, but I would love to have both Ray and Andrew commentating the big match. Perhaps an early request for next year?

Anyway, go the Sea Eagles, the Broncos (I’m still after some revenge for the Raiders defeating the doggies in Round 26) and the Jets.

And I’m willing to put money on Melbourne Bellamy declaring that the referees cheated after the match.

Enjoy your summer and catch you next year.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

I did, quite unsuccessfully, attempt to leave the “N” out of Melbourne in an effort to refer to Melbourne Storm coach Craig Bellamy as “Melboure Bellamy” as per the “Big League” spelling of Melbourne. Still, he’s being sued by the NRL judiciary for his comments [1] the other week, so I’ll leave it at that.