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Murray Olds filling in for Tim Webster

I just noticed that Murray Olds is filling in for Tim Webster this afternoon on 2UE and 2CC. The Fairfax Radio Syndication website indicates [1] that he will be filling in all week.

It’s nice to hear Murray on the radio again and to hear that he came back from Beijing safely. Of the possible fill-ins, he is definitely my preferred choice, although I have to admit that if Glenn Wheeler were still at 2UE, he’d be my pick of the crop.

Oddly, and for no immediately apparent reason, Sports Today NSW is being pushed back by 45 seconds, and will start at 18:08.00 instead of 18:07:15 starting tomorrow, and running through until September 26. John Gibbs (who has been referred to as Phil Gibbs in the Rugby World Cup material [2]) is also on leave this week, being replaced by:
Russell Barwick and Bill Woods – Sep 1;
Russell Barwick – Sep 2 and 3;
Bill Woods – Sep 4 and 5.

To clarify that for the sake of anybody who is trying to work out (without help from Fairfax) why he needs two fill-ins tonight, that’s because Greg Alexander is also away tonight, tending to his NRL commentary duties with Fox Sports. Somebody has to clarify this stuff…although why I walk into doing it is beyond me.

Back to Murray Olds for a moment, perhaps John B1_B5 was right when he suggested that Furry Murray should be his theme song: