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Run, Morris, Run

Livenews.com.au’s headline to their story [1] about the New South Wales government’s amazing “we brought you all here for a vote, but you’re not going to vote our way, so we’re not having a vote” circus act has amused me to no end. The headline reads “Run, Morris, run: Iemma Govt avoids electricity vote” and reminds me, possibly intentionally, of the Flanagan and Allen dong “Run, Rabbit, Run [2]” which is currently on my Musicians Of The Week waiting list.

Upon seeing the headline, some new lyrics popped in to my mind.

In the house, on random Wednesdays
In the house, it’s time to vote day.
So, every vote day that ever comes along,
Morris starts to sing a little song

Vote Barry – vote Barry – Vote! Vote! Vote!
My way – or the – High! High! Way!
Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!
Goes the opposition.
So run, Morris, run, Morris, run.

Run Morris – run Morris – Run! Run! Run!
Don’t give Barry his Fun! Fun! Fun!
We’ll get by
Without our budget pie
So run Morris – run Morris – Run! Run! Run!

It’s just extraordinary that anybody could spend half a million dollars to recall MPs and then not have a vote. What a wonderful waste of our GST revenue. I wonder whether Morris will look into it?