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Motor vehicle accident and power outage in Fyshwick

I didn’t catch the full details in 2CC’s 3pm news as I was distracted, but there has been a motor vehicle accident at the corner of Gladstone Street and another street (Update: the other street is Wollongong Street, and traffic is blocked in both directions) in Fyshwick. A vehicle has crashed in to a power pole, causing a power outage in the area.

Further update 3:30pm: Apparently it’s a truck which has run off the road, and it has hit a building. End Update

4pm Update: The truck has damaged a store and spilled a large amount of fuel in the process. According to 2CC, ActewAGL claim that power has been restored to most businesses, but 20 or so businesses will need to wait until the power pole is repaired this evening. I had a look on Google Street View and it would appear that the power poles on that corner carry a lot of power lines, so I’m not surprised that so many businesses were affected by the crash. 1WAY FM are running scheduled programming, so I can only assume that they have power.End Update

Correction 4:14pm: 1WAY FM’s part of Fyshwick was not affected by the power outage. They’re just having Internet connection issues. Apologies for any confusion. End Correction.