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Mark Parton running as an independent candidate in the ACT Election

I’ll save some of my thoughts for an editorial that I’m writing, but I noted on 2CC’s news at 8am that former Mix 106.3 breakfast host Mark Parton is going to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming ACT election.

Mark has noted on his blog [1] that he will make an announcement on 666 ABC Canberra at 8:30am. Sorry Mark, looks like 2CC beat the exclusive.

Anyway, this should make for an interesting contest. Mark is quite popular in this town, so it will be interesting to see how that translates to the electorate.

Update 10:48am: The official announcement will be at 11am according to Mark [2]. If I wasn’t working, I’d probably be interested in attending even though he is not in my electorate.

Most people who have listened to me in the last 10 years know what I stand for. I stand for the community.
For families, I want this city to be a sustainable, prosperous community so that my children and hopefully their children can proudly call it home.
I am for common sense in Government and for supporting and nurturing business people who have the courage to put their neck on the line and “have a go”.
We need to think green, but we need to do it in a practical common sense way and I want to foster that approach in our community and in business.
I stand for openness and honesty in Government and for solutions that are not shaped by party politics.

Grand statements, but a good brief summary that people will be able to remember the gist of. The Ginninderra electoral race just became interesting. End Update