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It’s the most exciting day of all in the world of radio

I managed to stump Jim Ball with this around 5am and I was going to post it here at that time, but decided to get some sleep instead. Probably not a bad idea after being awake for 33 hours.

So, today is the 13th of August, and it is a most wonderous day in the history of radio. Without cheating and going to wikipedia for the answer, would anybody like to guess?

If you need a clue, it happened in 1954.

There’s no prize on offer…to see the answer, simply highlight from here
Answer: On August 13 1954, for the first time ever, the Pakistani national anthem was broadcast by Radio Pakistan, Pakistan’s official broadcaster. The next day, they celebrated their seventh birthday.

If this year was 2004 and we were celebrating the 50th anniversary of that amazingly wonderful day, I might consider playing the Pakistani national anthem myself. Can somebody remind me to do that in 2054?
to here.

You didn’t know the answer? Well, you should have been listening to Jim Ball’s show this morning. Tsk tsk.