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Scott Burgess from Water Rats

Good evening Stuart,

I'm sorry to hear that Scott Burgess from Water Rats is going through marital problems, but to the same extent it doesn't really bother me, just like almost every other "celebrity" story. I do hope that his problems are sorted out quickly.

To answer your question, the show ended on the seventh of August 2001. It was a great Australian drama and I was sorry to see it go, but it was also good that the producers were informed that Channel Nine wouldn't be renewing the program and they therefore had a chance to write a good conclusion. The show ran for six years.

Channel Nine have been repeating the show in the wee hours of the morning in recent years, and I believe that it will be on at some stage tomorrow morning. I try to watch it when Nine repeat it, and I'm slowly building up a collection of the DVDs of the series.

I also noticed that a couple weeks ago the New South Wales police named their newest boat the "Nemesis", which just happens to be the name of the main police boat on Water Rats. All they need now is a "Harpie" and a car named "Water Police 200" and they'll have the full set!

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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#1 Comment By mdelforce On July 16, 2008 @ 1:28 pm

Just curious who are you? What do you mean by “just like almost every other “celebrity” story”?

#2 Comment By Samuel On July 16, 2008 @ 6:35 pm

My name is about five lines above your comment and this is my blog. Welcome mdelforce, it’s nice to make your acquaintance.

What I mean by “but to the same extent it doesn’t really bother me, just like almost every other “celebrity” story” is that news stories about the personal lives of most celebrities/actors are of very little interest to me. It makes no difference to me whether Scott Burgess is getting divorced or not, but I do hope that he is able to sort out whatever problems he may have in his life in a speedy manner because marital problems can be a huge emotional drain on a person.

The main purpose of the email that I wrote to 2UE’s Stuart Bocking and copied on to here wasn’t really to talk about Scott Burgess, but to provide Stuart with some information about a television show which he didn’t quite seem to remember the details of.