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My mind, oh how it is being eroded

I’m not sure where Fox Sports found the commentators for today’s Brisbane V Fremantle match at The Gabba, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re random people they plucked out of the crowd.

Amongst other things, they’ve come up with the sun marking the ball, a revelation about how “they have so many players in their back line that they won’t have many in their forward line” and something about how Fremantle are having trouble getting the ball out of their defensive fifty with a boundary throw in…my only thought there is that the boundary umpire shouldn’t be playing for Fremantle.

They also have an unusual habit where one commentator will be talking and the other one will interject with a short comment, seemingly forcing the first commentator to stop mid-sentence and repeat whatever interjection the second commentator came up with, almost as if the interjection has forced them to forget what they were doing.

That said, the commentators do seem very enthusiastic and they are certainly very good at providing the audience with some amusement. If they keep their mind in gear a bit more often, they could become great commentators.