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Who wants my job?

On Monday I resigned from my job as Senior Customer Service Representative at AussieHQ for mostly personal reasons. The job has now been advertised, so the question now is who will get it when I leave?

AussieHQ Senior Customer Service Representative
AussieHQ Senior Customer Service Representative
(Image taken from the Seek version of the job advertisement)

If this sounds like the job for you, then you might as well apply because I won’t be in the job for much longer. The job advertisement can be found on Seek [1], CapitalJobs [2] and Whirlpool [3].

Other jobs currently on offer at AussieHQ
Customer Service Representative: Seek [4]CapitalJobs [5]Whirlpool [6]
Customer Service Manager: Seek [7]CapitalJobs [8]Whirlpool [9]
Assistant Manager – Corporate Services: Seek [10]CapitalJobs [11]
Accounts Receivable Officer: Seek [12]CapitalJobs [13]

For what it’s worth, I have every intention of remaining a customer of AussieHQ and think anybody who is interested in one of the available jobs will enjoy the work environment. For those of you who do decide to apply, best of luck with your application.


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#1 Comment By John999555 On May 28, 2008 @ 2:37 pm

No thanks. The salary doesn’t match the level of work and expertise required.