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Skilled Park

During the week I noticed a handful of media outlets referring to the location of last night’s Titans V Raiders NRL match as “Skilled Stadium” which had me somewhat confused as Skilled Stadium is in Geelong and I can’t understand why the NRL would want to run a match in Geelong, especially seeing as the field is oval shaped.

I was intending on checking the accuracy of this claim during the week, but forgot, only to remember a few hours ago when I heard the result of the match. As it happens, the game was actually played at Skilled Park on the Gold Coast, a much more suitable location for a Gold Coast Titans home match.

Incidentally, if some of the letters in this post are jumbled, it’s because I currently have a blindspot just to the left of my visual focal point, so it is quite difficult to see entire words. I don’t recall looking at a bright object so I’m not sure where the blindspot came from…I just hope it doesn’t do what it did earlier in the year and expand for a while to the point where I could barely see a thing and had a rather unpleasantly large headache.