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Battery Goo!

Oh joy of joys, what wonderful stuff it is that fills batteries.

About an hour ago I picked up my digital notetaker with the aim of listening to a recording from last year so that I could quote part of it in an email to Mike Jeffreys. I picked up the digital notetaker and discovered that it refused to turn on due to what it claimed was a low battery (that’s a strange term, “discharged battery” would be a better term as low battery sounds like the opposite of a high battery, and I don’t think the altitude of a battery would differ enough from the device it is in for the said device to really care)…anyway a few moments later I realised that the back of the digital notetaker was quite sticky and sure enough I had one, maybe two leaking batteries.

Having already handled this battery goo and with a skin irritation starting, I quickly grabbed some paper towel to assist with the disposal of the batteries and the cleaning of the device, and washed my hands. My fingers are a bit irritated now, and even though those were the last two AAA batteries in the house and I would like to purchase some more batteries, I think I will take John Kerr’s advice and wait until the daylight hours…I think I can paraphrase instead of directly quoting the recording anyway.


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#1 Comment By Mr-Pappadappadopolis On March 4, 2008 @ 10:04 pm

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Napoleon Bonaparte.