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An Online Talkback Program

Ten days ago Davky asked [1] “On another topic, Sambo, have you considered running an online talkback show (is this possible using skype or something?)”.

It’s an interesting question because in July last year I planned on doing this with Samuel’s Persiflage [2], only to find that Skype had issues with their Skypecast service on the evening that the live show was scheduled.

At the time I floated Talkshoe [3] as a potential viable alternative, but I was a bit dismayed that the only way to participate at the time was on the phone, via a United States phone number. The software has matured since then, and the function which was under testing at the time (taking part for free with a microphone through the Talkshoe software) is now a standard function of the software. Talkshoe is a better application for a talkback style program because you can listen in a web browser without downloading additional software, and you can take part via a text chat facility. If you want to ring in, that is possible via phone (including VOIP applications such as Skype) or through the Talkshoe downloadable application.

Talkshoe can also automatically record the show which is rather useful, as has a better management system than Skype’s skypecast system

I don’t really have time to run a show at the moment, but I’m pleased to see some improvement in the software which would make it possible, and it’s something I will be considering when I have a bit more time on my hands.