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The Brown Tree Kook Runs Away

I was looking back through some of my emails and noticed an email from Tim Malone [1] about the ACT Liberal Party creating a shadow department of government accountability [2] to keep track of the Stanhope government’s “waste and mis-management”. It reminded me that I had a dream about Canberra’s very own brown tree kook, ACT Chief Turnip Jon Stanhope yesterday.

Last time he appeared in one of my dreams [3] we got in to a bit of a yelling match, but not this time.

On this occasion we were both towards the back of a supermarket. I was there to get some lunch, and Jon Stanhope was there to show off his brand new red shopping basket. I saw Jon Stanhope and decided that I would like to meet him and let him know that it’s good to see a politician mingling with the public…so I walked over to him, and without needing to introduce myself, he started yelling “No, I’m not talking to the likes of you, go away you awful little man”, and then ran away screaming with his red shopping basket.

Oddly (as if that wasn’t odd enough), the tomatoes started applauding, and the dream ended.