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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Sorry

Next week on the 13th of February, Kevin Rudd plans to apologise to the stolen generation, so before we get there, a question:

Do you support Kevin Rudd’s plan to apologise to the stolen generation?

Total Votes: 40
Started: February 4, 2008

Kevin Rudd is adamant that his apology will not lead to compensation, although you can be guaranteed that it will be tested in court at some stage, especially seeing as Bruce Trevorrow, the first stolen generation Aborigine to receive compensation, received an additional quarter of a million dollars [2] last week. Compensation is only part of the issue though, there is also the debate over whether the current government should apologise for the acts of a previous government, whether a blanket apology or a selective apology is appropriate, and whether or not we even need to apologise.

The issue is undoubtedly a minefield of controversy, hence the reason for keeping the question simple. If you want to elaborate on your answer, please feel free to do so in the comments below.

Last week’s question was:

Should the Australian Navy be deployed to stop the whaling?

Total Votes: 29
Started: January 21, 2008

Whilst the majority say “yes”, 41% is still an awful lot of opposition. I would be interested to know what method the 41% would use to stop the whaling, if they want it stopped at all.