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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Results

I let this poll run for a few extra days as I couldn’t see the point of cutting it off half a week before Kevin Rudd apologised. Now that the text of the apology has been released to the public and we are 13 hours away from the official apology, it seems like an appropriate time to close the poll.

Do you support Kevin Rudd’s plan to apologise to the stolen generation?

Total Votes: 40
Started: February 4, 2008

I am very surprised. Despite my own answer of “no” (which have only become more adamant now that I’ve seen the apology), I was expecting at least 80% of respondents to answer “yes”. Obviously I’m not as alone as I thought on the matter, and I seriously underestimated the public sentiment.

There will be a new weekly poll on Thursday which will also go for about a week and a half.