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Quiet? Only like a tumbleweed

Yes, it’s been a bit quiet here lately. I’m not going to go in to the reasons why, but it will pick up again tomorrow.

Tonight you may notice some minor disruptions as I upgrade WordPress and perform an account audit. A security hole which allows a registered user to edit the posts of others exists in the version of WordPress currently installed on this website, and it certainly explains the large number of suspicious registrations lately. Account registration has been temporarily disabled and some obviously automatically created accounts have been deleted. I will be going through the rest of the accounts tonight, those that have not posted any comments since signing up may be removed.

If you have recently signed up for an account but haven’t posted any comments, your account may be removed in this process. Please feel free to sign up again or contact me to have your account reinstated. A database backup will be taken before any action is taken, so reinstating an account should be a simple matter of reimporting it from the backup.