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Ten plays the wrong soap opera and talkback radio gets inundated

It certainly didn’t happen on 2CC…must just be a Sydney thing.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing when I read Frankster’s piece about Channel Ten playing the wrong episode [1] of The Bold and The Beautiful (or “The Bored and the…oh never mind, where’s the remote?” as I like to call it) yesterday. It seems that at 4:30, Channel Ten started the Wednesday episode of the soap opera, and within moments talkback radio was flooded with callers whinging about it. I’m not sure if this was 2UE’s John Stanley or 2GB’s Phillip Clark, (with 702 ABC Sydney covering the cricket, it can’t have been them) but I’d like to think it was both, simply because of the hilarity factor.

According to Frankster, Ten switched to the correct episode within a few minutes, although there is no word on whether they started the episode at the beginning or a few minutes in.

Incidentally, speaking of hilarity, it would appear that 702 ABC Sydney’s webstream is running repeats of the overnight programming during the cricket. Today from 10am to 2pm it’s a repeat of Nightlife with Tony Delroy, and from 2pm to 6pm it’s a repeat of Overnights with Rod Quinn (the only ABC presenter I have ever spoken to on-air…and he was on 666 ABC Canberra in the afternoon at the time). Whilst the timecalls will work as it’s an exact twelve hour delay between the original broadcast and the replay, the “good evening” and “good morning” greetings and any current temperatures will not.

Would it be so hard to have a live national webstream program to fill the void on the local radio webstreams, or just turn the webstream off temporarily like the commercial stations do when they aren’t able to stream something for licensing reasons? Very very odd.


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#1 Comment By Frankster On January 25, 2008 @ 4:05 pm

Hi Sam,

Thanks for the mention in this and the other article for this week – I’ve managed to find out more about it since.

Channel 10 started off by playing the first few minutes of Wednesday’s episode, which is typically a 3 to 5 minute opening before the first ad break..10 did end up realising the kerfuffle it caused and after the ad break, the correct one was put to air.

This was on John Stanley’s show by the way. My mum was watching it at the time and was wondering what had happened as she’d seen the same scenes before when it started!

#2 Comment By Frankster On January 25, 2008 @ 4:08 pm


Another update because I couldn’t edit my first one ..hehe…

The correct episode would’ve gone to air a few minutes in I’d say – it’s on for half an hour only and it’s before Ten News, so there’s no way Ten would let it cut in to the news. Wonder if Ten now will explain what viewers missed yesterday..hehe…wonder if the work experience kids were at master control yesterday.

#3 Comment By Samuel On January 25, 2008 @ 4:20 pm

Hi Frankster,

Thanks for the info…I do have to wonder how anybody noticed though, I could have been certain it was the same episode of The Bold and The Beautiful every day!

I may have a copy of it around somewhere…John Laws’ Cuckoo’s Nest produced a song along the lines of “they never laugh on The Bold and The Beautiful” once. I should check, it’s probably on a disc somewhere.

#4 Comment By Samuel On January 25, 2008 @ 4:22 pm

About the word experience kids at master control…I reckon it’s more likely that the person at master control missed Wednesday’s episode and didn’t think anybody would notice if they replayed it.

#5 Comment By davky On January 25, 2008 @ 6:31 pm

Sambo, I nearly choked when you said: “Would it be so hard to… just turn the webstream off temporarily like the commercial stations do when they aren’t able to stream something…”

Are you serious? You would rather them not stream anything? Surely if it happened on 2UE you’d prefer them to stream a Laws tribute, or the greatest hits of John Stanley? (I know I’d prefer this to silence) I’d even prefer them to play Smashing Pumpkins and Silverchair – I would never listen to it, but the more choice the merrier! Anything, anything at all!

I understand you don’t like the ABC, but I can’t understand why you’d prefer them to stream nothing rather than a repeat of something? It is harmless and (virtually) costless – surely the more talkback being buzzed about the airwaves and www the better?

#6 Comment By Samuel On January 25, 2008 @ 7:23 pm

To be fair, it’s actually just Canberra’s local ABC radio station that I’m not fond of. My reaction to the rest of the ABC ranges from respect to indifference.

I’ve noticed 2UE and 4BC’s webstream go offline occasionally, 4BC’s is always offline during their NRL coverage. I prefer this over a repeat of last night’s programming.

For me, it’s the same with the ABC as it is with 2UE or any other talk based station…I would prefer nothing over a 12 hour old program.

If ABC Local Radio could run a webstream only national program during webstream blackout periods, I would be very interested to listen to it.

To the same extent, if 2UE were covering the cricket and weren’t allowed to stream it, I wouldn’t want to hear a twelve hour old copy of Stuart Bocking and Clive Robertson on their webstream, no matter how much I might enjoy their programs.

I can see your point Davky and I agree that it’s good for them to generate noise, choice is a good thing, I just don’t see twelve-hour old programming as a viable choice. Music would be good, a simulcast of Radio National would be good, a simulcast of BBC World Service would be good, a national webstream only program would be even better.

NewsRadio can keep their normal programming going when their various stations cut to sporting events…I can’t see why Local Radio can’t manage something (other than recent repeats) on a national basis when the terrestrial stations go to the cricket.

#7 Comment By davky On January 26, 2008 @ 12:21 am

I actually think Delroy’s program is probably a good one to repeat – it jumps from issue to issue and covers each in reasonable depth. Although I do think he can sound a bit arrogant and dull at times, it is a relief that at least there is some talkback radio on at night where intelligent conversation takes place (I’m not hassling the commercial stations, its just that they mostly chit-chat and try to fill in time through the night – my personal preference is for something a little more chewy. Each to their own)