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Another 2CC Christmas Wish Granted

On Tuesday I thanked [1] 2CC for granting one of my Christmas wishes by updating their “open line” promo.

As of 4:38 this morning I am able to thank them for granting another Christmas wish…the emergency tape has been updated. The old tape started with a 2CC ID and an ad for The Australian Bedding Company. The new emergency tape also starts with a 2CC ID, but the first ad it different, starting with the words “For machinery that’s all grunt”. It’s definitely not an ad for The Australian Bedding Company, although network programming cut in before I could hear any more of the ad to identify the advertised business.

I should probably point out that I didn’t express my Christmas wishes to 2CC, although I have expressed my reservations about the old eight minute (or thereabouts) loop emergency tape on a number of occasions. Hopefully this tape isn’t another short loop…although with any luck I will never have the opportunity to find out.

Update: 5:23 arrives and another chance to hear the tape…the first three ads are for Queanbeyan Diesel Service, ASI Locksmiths and Living Simply. End Update