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Day/Night Tests

Good evening Gibbsy and Cameron,

Just a thought about having day/night cricket test matches…wouldn't it require a change in the rules, in particular the bad light rule?

As I understand it, the bad light rule says play can be stopped when the artificial lights are having more effect than the natural light. For obvious reasons, this rule would have to be abandoned if test matches were to be played at night. Somehow I just don't think the cricket traditionalists would wear it.

Also about Stephanie Brantz being dropped from the Channel Nine cricket team…I thought her role last year doing fluff pieces from the grandstand was a joke and a waste of her talent. She deserves a place on the central commentary team, and if Nine don't want her there, perhaps she could add some badly needed colour to the ABC radio coverage.

Enjoy the golf (I bet Mr. Bocking wishes he was there).

Samuel Gordon-Stewart