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Carbon Tax

Good evening Clinton and Rachel,

A carbon tax of $500 per child per year for the third and subsequent child? Plus the removal of the baby bonus? I suppose the academic who came up with that one doesn't have children…

With the planet already showing signs of cooling, I can't wait until another few years have passed and all of these global warming alarmists have egg on their faces.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Update: I got the figures wrong…in reality they are much worse. $5000 per child at birth plus up to $800 per child per year thereafter. Professor Barry Walters appears to be proof that just because you’re a professor, you’re not necessarily sane. He might not be insane either, but he doesn’t seem to have thought this one through. Professor Walters, amongst the many other flaws in your proposal, you are forgetting the random nature of some births…why should parents be punished for having triplets? They didn’t plan on having triplets…I would have thought that of all people, you, Professor, as an obstetrician would understand that.End Update