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The 2007 Federal Election Speeches

In chronological order, here are the four main speeches of the election.

Firstly, an ecstatic Maxine McKew’s speech where she doesn’t quite claim victory over John Howard in the seat of Bennelong (Note: the host broadcaster for this audio had to cut to another event, so this is missing roughly the last minute of Ms. McKew’s speech)
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Next up Peter Costello’s victory speech for his seat, where he avoids mentioning John Howard, and avoids mentioning the Liberal leadership.
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Then John Howard’s graceful, statesman-like concession speech. This is the speech John Howard will be remembered for.
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And last, but definitely not least, Kevin Rudd’s victory speech. It may have been reminiscent of a shopping list, but Kevin Rudd has every right to be proud of his comprehensive victory.
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