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It’s Over!

Finally…no more “They’re coming back”, no more “Nurse….Nurse”, and no more of the “Green action, Green action, Green action” jingle.

Political advertising is over for the 2007 election campaign, and what a relief that is.

Please note, I don’t have direct control over the Google Ads. I am manually blocking political ads as soon as I see them, but such changes take Google a few hours to process.


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#1 Comment By Tony On November 22, 2007 @ 3:59 am

I was offended by those nurse ads.
It’s a well known fact that any elderly person wouldn’t just be calling out nurse, if the nurse wasn’t responding.
Those ads were censored with all the bad language taken out.
So much for being real.
Maybe they should have combined it with the tourism ads and had her call out “hey nurse, where the bloody hell are you”
Get it right next time.