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Photos Are On Their Way!

But they may take a while…I’ve got just under 100 to upload, and I’m averaging 7 kilobytes per second and a couple megabytes per photo.

I’m currently uploading 89 of the photos, and I’ll make the gallery publicly available once it completes. I’ll deal with uploading the other photos, and the captions, and my write-up after that. Today has been good, but a bit too long for me to try and write a description of the last few days before I have the photos uploaded.

Update 8:29pm: Unfortunately the Unwired connection’s upload speed is getting lower…and the signal strength seems to be failing a bit in the wet weather. The good news is that I have temporarily moved over to the hotel’s Internet connection which is averaging 60 kilobytes per second…much better upload speed, but a bit more expensive than the Unwired connection. It, thankfully, will fit in to the budget. End Update

Update 10:58pm: Now averaging 15-20 kilobytes per second…this is incredibly exciting…so much so that if you have some paint I can borrow, I’ll go and watch it dry. End Update

(On leave in Sydney)