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Press Release: Samuel Gordon-Stewart, independent for Fraser, officially launches campaign

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Here is a majority copy of the press release I am currently distributing to media outlets in Canberra.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart, independent candidate for the federal seat of Fraser, has officially launched his campaign today by outlining some of his main policies.

Samuel is committed to providing a viable alternative to the major parties, and as an independent, has the ability to represent the views and wishes of the people of Fraser without the “party line” getting in the way.

Among Samuel’s key policies are:

  • The nationalisation of education and health, with plans to move government funding from the private sector to the public sector, and provide bulk billed health and dental services in as many areas as possible. Samuel is also committed to ensuring the ACT education system, particularly the college system, is used as the basis for the national education system.
  • Bold new initiatives to stave off drought and replenish the farming sector, and therefore make the economy better, and improve the standard of living for regional areas.
  • The acceptance that Climate Change is a mostly natural phenomenon, and that we need to plan around the natural climate cycle.
  • Economically sustainable targets for the reduction of pollution, and the introduction of renewable energy to improve the air quality, and therefore our standard of living.
  • A majority government owned national fibre-to-the-home high speed broadband network, and the urgent provision of broadband services to all areas of the nation that do not currently have them.
  • Oppose the Tralee development in favour of a Googong development to prevent excess aircraft noise over Canberra.
  • A speeding up of the rollout of digital radio, and government assistance to ensure that no broadcasters are adversely affected by the change.

Full details of these policies can be found on Samuel’s website at http://samuelgordonstewart.com


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#1 Comment By Jey On September 28, 2007 @ 11:37 am


What do your parents think about all this?

#2 Comment By Pen 15 On October 2, 2007 @ 12:05 am

Why is the ACT education system better than the Victorian education system?

#3 Comment By Samuel On October 14, 2007 @ 6:29 am

Jey, they are very supportive.

Pen, perhaps I should revise that policy. I was actually referring to the ACT year 11 and 12 college system (and continual assessment over years 11 and 12 counting towards the year 12 certificate instead of a big test such as HSC, VCE etc).

There are many other areas where the ACT system could use improvement, and my policy should state that I will take the best bits out of each state and territory system when putting together a national system.