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As you have probably heard by now, the latest NewsPoll has the Labor party leading the Coalition on a two-party preferred basis 59% to 41%

If those figures are accurate, then I should probably walk around Lake Burley Griffin as often as possible during the next parliamentary sitting later this year, as it could be the last chance I ever have to meet John Howard.

During the last sitting period, I took Nattie for a walk along the National Library’s side of the lake. It was a good walk, but I was mildly annoyed when I saw John Howard heading back to the lodge in his government car as we were walking across the Commonwealth Avenue bridge.

I would like to meet Mr. Howard at least once while he is still prime minister. He is currently my preferred prime minister by a decent margin, but even if he wasn’t, I have a lot of respect for him and his achievements. If the polls are accurate and he doesn’t win the next election, then I hope he will be happy with the knowledge that he was fortunate enough to attain the title of prime minister of a democratic nation, and hold it for a very long time.