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Many Things

Good morning John,

It's an unexpected surprise hearing you today…I was rather hoping to surprise Abe today by ringing him and Clive as they haven't heard from me in nearly two weeks, but it's great to have you on anyway.

Moving on, I am sick and tired of this vapid waste of publicity Paris Hilton…I would have to say that the chances of her behaving for her good behaviour period are about the same as me visiting the moon this week…and the less we hear about this dumb criminal the better.

Also, SBS television are running their final ever episode of the show "Hotline" tonight, which is a five minute viewer feedback programme. Whilst it doesn't often actually address all the concerns of the calls and letters it receives, it has proven to be a valuable show, and has outlived all the similar shows on other networks. It is the end of an era tonight…and you can guarantee that those five minutes each week will be turned into advertising during the popular show "Inspector Rex" which shares the same timeslot.

Have a great morning John,
Samuel Gordon-Stewart

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#1 Comment By Dr Kelloid On June 28, 2007 @ 2:27 am

I worry a lot about wasted five minutes and the vapid wasting of publicity about Paris Hilton when it could be used for good like the promotion of popular shows like inspector rex. I’m sick to death of it!