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Mike Bailey

Good evening Stuart,

Mike Bailey is an odd choice as a celebrity candidate for Labor, although I can see one potential benefit.

Currently whenever a politician speaks in parliament there is a super (graphic) on the screen showing their name and which electorate they represent. Most of us wouldn't have the faintest clue where most of these electorates are, but Mike, with his amazing experience pointing at maps, could appear on camera momentarily pointing at the electorate in question…then if time permits, he could fulfil his portfolio of "minister for weather" by telling us about the weather in that electorate.

I certainly wouldn't want to be the minister for weather…imagine having to take the blame for all the floods and droughts and cyclones…and getting the blame for wrong weather forecasts. I suppose it would be of some use to have a minister for weather if we could control the weather, but otherwise, what qualities is Mike Bailey going to bring to parliament?

Samuel Gordon-Stewart