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Samuel’s Blog Weekly Poll: Gun Control Laws

Despite the fact that the new weekly poll is a couple weeks late, it is effectively early as I’m not waiting until tomorrow morning and the start of the new week, mainly because Samuel’s Persiflage will be released shortly and I want it to have the top spot for most of tomorrow.

Should the United States adopt gun control laws similar to Australia’s gun control laws?

Total Votes: 23
Started: April 21, 2007

It will be interesting to see people’s views on this. It has been one aspect of the debate following the Virginia Tech Massacre earlier in the week, and in my view the most important aspect of the debate. I would certainly welcome your comments on the topic.

Now, the results from the previous poll.

Who will win this year’s NRL premiership?

Total Votes: 30
Started: April 1, 2007

Based on these results, the competition should pan out like this:

1st: Rabbitohs
2nd: Storm
3rd: Titans
4th-5th: Cowboys
4th-5th: Knights
6th-8th: Bulldogs
6th-8th: Dragons
6th-8th: Sea Eagles
9th-11th: Broncos
9th-11th: Raiders
9th-11th: Tigers
12th-16th: Eels
12th-16th: Panthers
12th-16th: Roosters
12th-16th: Sharks
12th-16th: Warriors

I’ll keep this on file and compare it with the actual ladder after the grand final.

For a list of all previous results, see the Weekly Poll Results page [2].