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Funny thing I saw a few minutes ago

Good morning Paul,

Samuel from Canberra emailing from work. Just thought you might be interested to know that I work opposite a petrol station and just saw one of the funniest sites I've seen in a while.

A white commodore pulled up at the petrol station and the driver got out, they were obscured by the signs but I could tell something was a bit odd. Firstly they didn't seem to know how to use the petrol pump, and had to get the attendant out for a lesson. I was distracted by work for a few minutes after this, but I saw them again as they were returning to their car after paying for their petrol, and that's when I spotted it…they were wearing a near full length purple dressing gown which was about three sizes too big!

I wonder if they were sleep walking? It would explain the dressing gown but not much else.

Have a great weekend Paul and Abe.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Update: This petrol station is fantastic entertainment. The attendant has walked out in to the petrol pump area for his break and lit up a cigarette. I just hope flaming chunks of the place don’t come flying through the window. End Update