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ACTION Timetables

Hello Mike and Mike,

Looks like we ruffled a few feathers inside ACTION Management. I still don't know how that email got to air but frankly I no longer care, it was a good thing that it did, and on behalf of everyone in Canberra who uses buses, thank you.

Samuel Gordon-Stewart

Informational Update 11:00PM: This talkback email needs an explanation. This morning I copied on to this blog [1] an email I sent to 2CC for informational purposes about a rumoured change to ACTION’s weekday bus timetables. I sent that email on Monday at a time when it was still a rumour which was likely to change at any moment given the whimsical nature of ACTION management.

On Tuesday morning Mike Jeffreys read out the email during the 2CC Breakfast program, this was not what I expected, in fact I didn’t even know that Mike Jeffreys had a copy of the email, however it made the information public, and clearly gave ACTION, their governing body TAMS (Territory and Municipal Services) and transport minister John Hargreaves a jolt. It was no longer possible to easily deny the plan had ever existed, and they wouldn’t be able to easily change their mind about it.

Today Mr. Hargreaves and ACTION have announced [2] “extra services and the re-introduction of certain weekday routes” to begin on the 30th of April. The announcement is pleasing, although I will reserve judgement until I actually have had a chance to review the updated timetables [3]. At first glance it looks like they have expanded the service to roughly the limit of possible modifications without scrapping the current timetable completely. It is probably close to the limit of the remaining bus fleet too.

End Informational Update